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As long as you know

recently i have been going through something i don’t think I’ve ever witnessed or experienced at such an extreme before. its nothing very serious- mainly just silly teenage girl stuff ……..

recently i have been going through something i don’t think I’ve ever witnessed or experienced at such an extreme before. its nothing very serious- mainly just silly teenage girl stuff.

one day i walked into school expecting a normal monday. i guess i got quite the opposite.  some of my closet friends have decided against me. it was very confusing and all very sudden- i really didn’t understand what was going on or what i had done.                                  i knew i hadn’t done anything to my closest friend so i wasn’t too upset. but the girls that were annoyed at me got to my best friend first and gave her enough gossip for her to turn against me too. i walked into the class with all the people who i would consider my best friends, hating me.

it was very odd.

none of them would tell me what i had done for about a week. i think that was the worst part because i really wanted to apologise and just move on but i had no clue what i was apologising for. i finally found out what had happened.

one of them twisted my words and told the others a ridiculous exaggerated lie that they all believed. they stopped talking to me and are doing everything they can to avoid me- they even have a code name for me. it has gotten worse. theres name calling and they try to get other people to hate me, they’ve tried it on a lot of people.

i was upset but i was trying hard to just be positive. its hard to see the good in situations like these but them seeing you down is satisfaction for them and they will be pleased to see their message had really got through to you.

it would be a lot more effective if you just carry on with your life and find people who actually care about you.

in a way I’m glad this whole thing happened as it really showed me who i can and cannot trust. its weird like not speaking to people you’re used to talking to all the time but if you’re afraid something bad like that will happen again and they would turn on you at any given moment, not being friend with them is probably the best.
i would also advice you always try and be the bigger person and not start up arguments if you can avoid it. if they send something not so nice to you over snapchat just patch it because its really not worth it (also if someone has to argue with you behind a screen, then you should really pity them, its a shame that they’re too afraid to confront you in person).

my overall point is that if you are ever being accused of something you wouldn’t dream of saying don’t let it get to you. i tried to deny it many times but i was giving them what they wanted. people will always believe what they want to believe and they will listen to whom they want to listen to. as long as you know what you said and you know the truth, that should be enough to keep you going 🙂

lots of love phoebe xxx

ps i know I’m a teenage girl and they can be super dramatic- so i tried to make this as less annoying and dramatic as possible. also make sure to leave a comment with any requests or whatever you would like



i have a story about how i and others lost a friend. i have a boyfriend. i will not mention his name for private reasons but he used to be very close with a girl i used to be good friends with. i will also not mention her name. ever since me and this boy started dating i had been asked if i was jealous about how close he was with this girl. i never thought much of it, yes they talked a lot and they had a snapchat streak but does any of that mean anything? i always said i wasn’t jealous and that i was completely fine with it. it took me a while to start becoming jealous. i realise now that i only got jealous because i really didn’t want to loose him. i became very close with him and he became very important to me.
when i began to get jealous i told him about it, i didn’t tell him he had to stop talking to her but i told him how i felt so he knew. i noticed that the girl was starting to flirt with him and possibly starting to like him. this was noticed by not just me but a large group of people. i began to get more jealous but i still never told either of them to stop talking. my boyfriend noticed that this was upsetting me slightly and he chose to stop talking to her. i can’t say i wasn’t slightly happy by his choice but i told him that i wanted him to be happy so if he wants to continue talking to her he can.
my friends noticed what she was doing and she decided to leave our small group of friends. this was completely her decision. i didn’t talk to her throughout this experience and i never told her to leave.
more recently i have been told that i am the reason she left. i have been told that i turned the group against her, which i didn’t.

i don’t hate this girl, i never have. i really don’t want her to hate me. i honestly miss her as a friend.
a couple of months ago, a similar situation happened but in place of the girl was my best friend. i didn’t want the whole thing to happen again which i told them both. i told them that i didn’t mind them being close. she chose to say that she was going to stop talking to him which made it worse than better as nothing bad would’ve happened if they had continued. i love them both, i would hate to loose either of them.
jealousy is common. many people experience it. some more than others. it will most likely affect your life at least a bit sometime throughout your lifetime. the important thing to remember is TRUST. trust the people you know and care about. they will love you in return. falling in love with someone can change the way you feel as i was never a jealous person before but it is completely normal to get jealous, just don’t let it hurt you or others.
Love Evanna


Hello everyone, welcome to our blog. this is our very first post and we hope you guys enjoy reading it 🙂

Hello everyone

welcome to our new blog! we are all new to this kinda thing so it may take a while for it to get up and running, please bear with us!

our blog will feature many different situations and experiences that we have faced in the last couple years and the other struggles we are yet to come across.

we will be giving advice to any of you guys who need it- please feel free to leave comments or email us at . don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the blog and other stuff like that.

if you guys have any advice for us, either about our situations or to help us improve the blog, please let us know! it would be very much appreciated and we will take everything you say into account

we are also in to fashion and photography so these topics may feature in blog posts from time to time.

posting days are yet to be decided but it will most likely be at the weekends as we don’t have school. we will try to upload as much as possible and answer as many questions or inquiries.

thank youuuuuu

phoebe, evanna and rose