Kiko Milano

i recently discovered kiko milano makeup. they have their own shop close by to me and while i was shopping after….


I’ve decided to share with you guys something I’ve been loving lately.

i recently discovered kiko milano makeup. they have their own shop close by to me and while i was shopping after christmas, i decided to go in and have a look.

the shop was lovely and all the staff were so friendly and helpful. the prices were really good for what you get and the quality of the products really surprised me. i bought quite few of the High Pigment Eyeshadows. i would recommend these particular eyeshadows as i dont know if any of their other eyeshadows have as good a pigment as these ones.

they were £4.80 each in the sale (but their original price is £6.90 which is still great value).its just perfect for students or any younger girls or boys who dont have the money to spend on high-end brands. theres such a wide range of colours to choose from all of which have amazing  pigments.

i genuinely love this product and i really do think they are well worth the money.

lots of love phoebe xxx


ps the photo shown is our photo and this is not sponsored


Hello everyone, welcome to our blog. this is our very first post and we hope you guys enjoy reading it 🙂

Hello everyone

welcome to our new blog! we are all new to this kinda thing so it may take a while for it to get up and running, please bear with us!

our blog will feature many different situations and experiences that we have faced in the last couple years and the other struggles we are yet to come across.

we will be giving advice to any of you guys who need it- please feel free to leave comments or email us at . don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the blog and other stuff like that.

if you guys have any advice for us, either about our situations or to help us improve the blog, please let us know! it would be very much appreciated and we will take everything you say into account

we are also in to fashion and photography so these topics may feature in blog posts from time to time.

posting days are yet to be decided but it will most likely be at the weekends as we don’t have school. we will try to upload as much as possible and answer as many questions or inquiries.

thank youuuuuu

phoebe, evanna and rose