i’m bisexual. i’m out. i’m happy. 

being part of the lgbtq+ community can be difficult at times for so many people. discrimination is common in so many places. 

my coming out story…

i never ‘came out’. i hadn’t been scared or particularly ‘closeted’. i had just been me. i had told close friends and they thought not much of it. there’s not much to think of it. i’m bisexual. it changes nothing. in november 2015 i was having a small argument with a person in my year. he was making some point which i cannot remember fully but i do remember him saying something like ‘well that could mean you going from liking boys to liking girls’. my first thought was prove him wrong. don’t argue about how wrong everything he is saying is. he told me i was too young to decide which broke me. i was so upset. my closet friend at the time wasn’t in that day. i had to have comfort from semi-close people in the class i was next in. it wasn’t a nice experience.

i’m live in a place where almost everyone accepts me for who i am. my boyfriend, my close friends, my family. they all support me. there are a few people that use horrible homophobic words or things around me and there are others who tell me that i’m not bisexual and that i am just doing it for attention. this sucks but i am lucky. i’m lucky to have the people that matter in my life support me. 

if you have troubles with coming out or if you are confused about sexuality matters and you need someone to talk to, we’re always here. or you can contact us on instagram or twitter @teeenlifecrisis 

lots of love evanna xo


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