this is a kind of update from the post i posted earlier today. i talked about suicide and how i told my friends and trusted them with it. turns out you can’t trust some people. that’s not to say don’t trust anyone. 

there’s a person in my year who is very suicidal. he is talked about a lot behind his back and some of the people who do this are ‘my friends’. 
i tell them that they don’t know what he’s going through. they say ‘just cos he’s depressed doesn’t mean we should like him’. thats not my point. my point is that the way people act can be an outcome of their mental health and being this mean and horrible can really affect the persons life.
in a class today a school ‘my friends’ were talking about suicide. both of them know that i have been suicidal and i have self harmed but they still continued even after me telling them that what they’re saying hurts. 
my point is, not everyone is as they seem. people can be horrible and some people can be nice. even if you think you know someone they can surprise you. be cautious. 
Lots of Love Evanna xo


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