i have a story about how i and others lost a friend. i have a boyfriend. i will not mention his name for private reasons but he used to be very close with a girl i used to be good friends with. i will also not mention her name. ever since me and this boy started dating i had been asked if i was jealous about how close he was with this girl. i never thought much of it, yes they talked a lot and they had a snapchat streak but does any of that mean anything? i always said i wasn’t jealous and that i was completely fine with it. it took me a while to start becoming jealous. i realise now that i only got jealous because i really didn’t want to loose him. i became very close with him and he became very important to me.
when i began to get jealous i told him about it, i didn’t tell him he had to stop talking to her but i told him how i felt so he knew. i noticed that the girl was starting to flirt with him and possibly starting to like him. this was noticed by not just me but a large group of people. i began to get more jealous but i still never told either of them to stop talking. my boyfriend noticed that this was upsetting me slightly and he chose to stop talking to her. i can’t say i wasn’t slightly happy by his choice but i told him that i wanted him to be happy so if he wants to continue talking to her he can.
my friends noticed what she was doing and she decided to leave our small group of friends. this was completely her decision. i didn’t talk to her throughout this experience and i never told her to leave.
more recently i have been told that i am the reason she left. i have been told that i turned the group against her, which i didn’t.

i don’t hate this girl, i never have. i really don’t want her to hate me. i honestly miss her as a friend.
a couple of months ago, a similar situation happened but in place of the girl was my best friend. i didn’t want the whole thing to happen again which i told them both. i told them that i didn’t mind them being close. she chose to say that she was going to stop talking to him which made it worse than better as nothing bad would’ve happened if they had continued. i love them both, i would hate to loose either of them.
jealousy is common. many people experience it. some more than others. it will most likely affect your life at least a bit sometime throughout your lifetime. the important thing to remember is TRUST. trust the people you know and care about. they will love you in return. falling in love with someone can change the way you feel as i was never a jealous person before but it is completely normal to get jealous, just don’t let it hurt you or others.
Love Evanna


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