Hello everyone, welcome to our blog. this is our very first post and we hope you guys enjoy reading it ūüôā


Hello everyone

welcome to our new blog! we are all new to this kinda thing so it may take a while for it to get up and running, please bear with us!

our blog will feature many different situations and experiences that we have faced in the last couple years and the other struggles we are yet to come across.

we will be giving advice to any of you guys who need it- please feel free to leave comments or email us at ivywood174@gmail.com . don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the blog and other stuff like that.

if you guys have any advice for us, either about our situations or to help us improve the blog, please let us know! it would be very much appreciated and we will take everything you say into account

we are also in to fashion and photography so these topics may feature in blog posts from time to time.

posting days are yet to be decided but it will most likely be at the weekends as we don’t have school. we will try to upload as much as possible and answer as many questions or inquiries.

thank youuuuuu

phoebe, evanna and rose


The Perfect Ten by Soap and Glory

the perfect 10 is a limited edition eyeshadow pallet by soap and glory that i got back in september. i have decided to do a review on it, as it one of my favourite eyeshadow pallets.

there are 10 shadows in the pallet. i have used all of them but my favourite are MOON MIST, CREAM SODA, SMOULDER, NUDECOMER and MINKY. MOON MIST the lightest shadow. it is a shimmery, beige shadow which i usually use in my inner corner of my eye to highlight it. MINKY is a slightly darker shadow. it is a gold, shimmery shadow perfect for many eye looks. i use this most of the time when doing my eye shadow. NUDECOMER is one of the two matte shadows. it is a nude pink. it’s a really pretty colour and perfect for a subtle look. CREAM SODA is very similar to MOON MIST as it is a light shimmery, silvery beige colour. it is just slightly darker but perfect for highlighting. i use this a lot to highlight under my brows. SMOULDER is a dark blue shadow. it is slightly shimmery but not as much as others. it is a nice colour for using in your crease. i prefer it over using a black or brown as it gives more colour and it’s a unique choice. this is definitely my favourite shadow out of them all.¬†
i got this pallet for £16. you can get it on this link: http://www.soapandglory.com/makeup/eyes/eyeshadow/the-perfect-ten-gift-set

*just a reminder that none of our reviews are sponsored

hi guys, it’s evanna. i’m really sorry we have been so inactive. me and phoebe have had a lot of tests lately and it’s been hard to keep posting but we will definitely try our hardest to post as often as possible.

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i have a lot to vent about honestly. i could vent all day. i really want to rant about one thing in particular. i’m not sure what to call it

i hate it when i get treated badly by someone and i go to a friend to rant/ talk to them and i ask them how they feel about the person. they say something like ‘well they haven’t done anything to me so i don’t dislike them’. this really annoys me because you can realise someone is doing something bad without them doing something directly to you, especially if they’re doing something to your friend. anyways if y’all wanna vent then feel free in the comments. if you need any advice on anything or want to talk privately then email us or contact us on instagram or twitter. we would love to hear from you.


i’m bisexual. i’m out. i’m happy. 

being part of the lgbtq+ community can be difficult at times for so many people. discrimination is common in so many places. 

my coming out story…

i never ‘came out’. i hadn’t been scared or particularly ‘closeted’. i had just been me. i had told close friends and they thought not much of it. there’s not much to think of it. i’m bisexual. it changes nothing. in november 2015 i was having a small argument with a person in my year. he was making some point which i cannot remember fully but i do remember him saying something like ‘well that could mean you going from liking boys to liking girls’. my first thought was prove him wrong. don’t argue about how wrong everything he is saying is. he told me i was too young to decide which broke me. i was so upset. my closet friend at the time wasn’t in that day. i had to have comfort from semi-close people in the class i was next in. it wasn’t a nice experience.

i’m live in a place where almost everyone accepts me for who i am. my boyfriend, my close friends, my family. they all support me. there are a few people that use horrible homophobic words or things around me and there are others who tell me that i’m not bisexual and that i am just doing it for attention. this sucks but i am lucky. i’m lucky to have the people that matter in my life support me. 

if you have troubles with coming out or if you are confused about sexuality matters and you need someone to talk to, we’re always here. ivywood174@gmail.com or you can contact us on instagram or twitter @teeenlifecrisis 

lots of love evanna xo

Kiko Milano

i recently discovered kiko milano makeup. they have their own shop close by to me and while i was shopping after….

I’ve decided to share with you guys something I’ve been loving lately.

i recently discovered kiko milano makeup. they have their own shop close by to me and while i was shopping after christmas, i decided to go in and have a look.

the shop was lovely and all the staff were so friendly and helpful. the prices were really good for what you get and the quality of the products really surprised me. i bought quite few of the High Pigment Eyeshadows. i would recommend these particular eyeshadows as i dont know if any of their other eyeshadows have as good a pigment as these ones.

they were £4.80 each in the sale (but their original price is £6.90 which is still great value).its just perfect for students or any younger girls or boys who dont have the money to spend on high-end brands. theres such a wide range of colours to choose from all of which have amazing  pigments.

i genuinely love this product and i really do think they are well worth the money.

lots of love phoebe xxx


ps the photo shown is our photo and this is not sponsored


my best friend was crying a lot and was extremely upset during a class. i wasn’t in the class but after i was told why.

this happened like 2 years ago or something

my best friend was crying a lot and was extremely upset during a class. i wasn’t in the class but after i was told why. my (now ex) boyfriend and his friends had called her names. it was meant to be a harmless joke but girls don’t always have the same humour as boys when it comes to appearance. being a teenage girl is hard enough and then when a group of boys are laughing and saying stuff about your appearance makes it a lot worse.

i was told it was my boyfriend who was saying all this stuff about my best friend. everyone was saying horrible things about him and asking me what i see in him. it really annoys me if someone questions my feelings for someone because everyone has different types and stuff and people should be accepted for who or what they like.

anyway lots of people were coming up to me asking me if i was going to break up with him. we hadn’t been going that well and we were fighting a bit but i liked him. a lot. so breaking up with him wasn’t something i planned on doing but when everyone was asking me i began to think maybe thats what i should be doing. his friends were coming up to me telling me it wasn’t his fault and he was really upset but when i bumped into him was circled by another group of girls and he looked pretty happy so i didn’t feel very bad that he was getting the blame for this situation.

i had kinda had enough of all this so i did break up with him. i now know that he really had barely anything to do with the situation but it was a bit late. it sucks because i still liked him a lot and i did for a while after.

my point here is that sometimes we have to do things for ourself. no its not selfish or silly just I’m bearing in mind that my ‘best friend’ who i broke up with my boyfriend for is now one of the girls who hate me and don’t want anything to do with me. i regret the decision i made and the person i made it for.

before you give up something you love make sure you have a valid reason that your happy with.

lots of love phoebe xxx


this is a kind of update from the post i posted earlier today. i talked about suicide and how i told my friends and trusted them with it. turns out you can’t trust some people. that’s not to say don’t trust anyone. 

there’s a person in my year who is very suicidal. he is talked about a lot behind his back and some of the people who do this are ‘my friends’. 
i tell them that they don’t know what he’s going through. they say ‘just cos he’s depressed doesn’t mean we should like him’. thats not my point. my point is that the way people act can be an outcome of their mental health and being this mean and horrible can really affect the persons life.
in a class today a school ‘my friends’ were talking about suicide. both of them know that i have been suicidal and i have self harmed but they still continued even after me telling them that what they’re saying hurts. 
my point is, not everyone is as they seem. people can be horrible and some people can be nice. even if you think you know someone they can surprise you. be cautious. 
Lots of Love Evanna xo


this is a deep topic but a very important one. it is very relevant as well. i feel like if i’m going to be giving advice i need you to know more about me. suicide is something about me. at the start of the year i started considering suicide. it’s never got so bad that i’ve attempted it but i did start self harming. i managed to stop about 2 months ago. 
i considered suicide for more than one reason but the main reason is my past. i’ve always been embarrassed to share this as i feel it is stupid and i shouldn’t fuss over it. 
i used to have a youtube channel. it was cringy and i did get picked on a bit for it but at the time i was able to handle it. this was 2 years ago and back then i was stronger and more confident. 
i’m now realising i’ve changed. i’m not confident or strong but i’m. i’m scared. i’m scared of getting picked on again if it comes up. i’m scared of people joking judging me on how i was 2 years ago than now.
little things from it keep popping up. this is hard for me to handle and for a while i thought about suicide. it wasn’t full on bullying but i got depressed and every night for ages i was in tears. 
after talking to people about it i’m finally becoming okay. my friends that i trust a lot are a really good help and i’m so glad to have them.
if you’re going through anything similar, try talking to people you trust. if you’re scared to talk to someone you know or you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, me and phoebe are happy to talk to anyone. 
lots of love Evanna xo